What safety precautions should be paid attention to when taking the elevator
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  • 发表时间:2020-04-11 09:34

1.Beware of overloading

The elevator cannot overload, when the elevator alarm, should take the initiative to exit, wait for the next ride, the elevator overload is very dangerous.

2.Do not block the elevator door

When the elevator door is close, do not force to rush into the elevator, prevent the elevator to close, do not want to stay outside one foot in one foot, will be hurt.

3.Don't push the panic button

Emergency button is to deal with unexpected circumstances and set up, the elevator in the normal operation, do not press the emergency button, otherwise it will give you unnecessary trouble.

4.Open door operation

When taking the elevator, if the elevator door is not closed to operate, this means that the elevator is in trouble, passengers do not take the ride, and report to the maintenance staff.

5.Don't use handrails as slides

It is dangerous to slide down the automatic handrail. You may get hurt yourself and others may suffer.

6.Do not take the elevator under maintenance

Before arriving at the elevator, passengers first check to see if there is a "stop elevator maintenance" sign.If the elevator is under repair, it should be hung with this sign. Passengers should not take it.

7.Don't take the lift in case of a fire

Passengers are not allowed to use the elevator to escape, but to escape by the stair exit.

8.Don't panic when an accident happens

In case of failure in the operation of the ator, passengers do not panic, should try to notify the maintenance personnel to rescue, do not disorderly unrest, waiting is to ensure the safety of the wise choice.

9.In and out of the elevator must be observed

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