Warm prompt
  • 作者:鼎亚电梯
  • 发表时间:2020-05-06 13:58

1. After the elevator door is opened, pay attention to observe whether the car is on the current floor.

2. When entering the elevator car, do not stay at the door of the elevator door. After entering the car, try to stand in the car.If the elevator is full, please wait patiently for the next service of the elevator, do not take the crowded way into the elevator car.Do not use your hands, feet or sticks to prevent the door from closing.

3. If you need to use the elevator door to keep it open, please hold down the door opening button in the car.

4. During the operation of the elevator, do not jump or push.When using the escalator, do not press any other buttons after pressing the button to select the floor, in case the elevator cannot reach the destination floor.

5, in order to ensure the normal operation of the elevator, do not crash the elevator hall door, not to use the hands or sticks and other objects to pry the elevator hall door.

6. If the passenger elevator encounters a sudden power failure or a fault jam between floors, do not panic, not to open the elevator door by force, should press the alarm button in the elevator car, or call the property management office on duty to call for help, waiting for the rescue.

7. Children and the frail elderly should be accompanied by adults.Smoking is prohibited in the elevator, so as not to affect the health of others, or even cause a fire, the entrance and exit are equipped with an emergency stop switch, under normal circumstances, please do not press it.

8. Pay attention to the floor indicator in the car, please prepare for the exit.

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