A trapped elevator
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Stay calm

Passengers trapped in elevators want to get out of the elevator as quickly as possible, so some passengers forced to pry the door or open the skylight at the top of the car to escape, which is not safe.Because the elevator in the fault, the door loop, there will be a failure of the situation, at this time, the elevator may be abnormal start, if forced door is very dangerous, that is, cutting, this cutting is easy to cause personal injury.For the same reason, trapped passengers are not climbing out of the skylight themselves.Instead, passengers should wait for professional rescuers to arrive.Passengers must not do kick the door, pry the door, door, jump, climb and other extreme action, it is very dangerous.It is also dangerous to try to jump and climb out of the car when the lift is not opened, and you may fall down the shaft.

Many passengers are worried that a faulty elevator might fall, but such fears are unnecessary.Elevator from the aspects of design is quite safe, don't worry about the connection wire rope will break the capsules, because for elevator wire rope has special provisions of the state and requirements, the configuration of the wire rope, not only for capsules and the rated load and considering the size of the traction, the tensile strength and much higher than the weight of the lift, elevators are usually equipped with more than 4 root wire rope, therefore the elevator is safe, don't fall into the hole.The elevator also has a fall-proof system that includes speed limits, safety clamps, and bottom bumpers.Once the elevator is found to be speeding down, the speed limiter will first stop the elevator drive main engine.If the main engine still does not stop, the speed limiter raises the safety clamps to tighten the guide rail, forcing the car to stop on the guide rail, and at a certain speed if it hits the buffer directly, the car will also stop.No matter how the car is stopped in that way, it will not cause a great impact on people.Passengers in cramped, sweltering lifts may fear they will suffocate if they get trapped. But will the trapped lifts be stifling?The national standard has strict regulations on the ventilation of the elevator, even if the ventilation system is normally ventilated when the elevator is trapped.In addition, the elevator has a lot of moving parts, such as some joint positions, such as the car wall and the car top and the connection keys, there are gaps between, these gaps are generally enough for people to breathe.

Button for help

Passengers can use the emergency intercom on the cabin control panel to call the building attendant for help.The emergency intercom device is located above the cabin control panel and is a button with an "alarm phone" or "alarm bell" design.Press the button and you can talk to the officer on duty.

Call the police

If the button is not answered, the passenger can call the "maintenance phone" on the safety inspection sign in the car or the "urgent repair phone" on the car nameplate to ask the professional maintenance personnel for help.If the line does not work, passengers can call 119 or 110 to alert public services.After the elevator is power off or power off, the emergency lights in the car will generally be automatically lit, passengers can use the light of the emergency lights to call the police.If the emergency light is not on, passengers can look for the alarm button or phone number with the help of other light sources (such as the bright screen of the mobile phone), so as to call for help in time.

Stick to failing

When the attendant receives the alarm, he/she will immediately inform the elevator maintenance staff and keep in touch with the trapped passengers to inform them of the possible arrival time of rescue workers.Rescue workers will slowly move the car to the nearest level through the elevator winch, then open the door and the car.Passengers should evacuate the car safely with the assistance of rescuers after confirming that the car is in a safe flat position.

If you are suddenly trapped in the elevator, do not panic, the telephone or intercom in the elevator to the relevant party for help, can also press the dial alarm alarm.People trapped in elevators can't be sure where the elevator is, so don't force the door open, which could lead to new dangers.There are safety Windows at the top of the elevator, which are only used by the elevator maintenance personnel. It is more dangerous to climb out of the elevator from here.Clap on the door and shout, or take off your shoes and bang on the door with them to signal for help.If there is no response, calmly wait, observe the movement, maintain energy, wait for rescue, do not keep Shouting for rescue.

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